PCN Technology

Upgrade to Industrial Ethernet

Repurpose Existing Serial Networks for Migration & Upgrade to Industrial IP Networks (Two Wire, Twisted Pair, TwinAx, Coax and more)
PCN is the leading innovator of advanced physical layer technologies & products that upgrade and repurpose legacy automation and control cabling into high-bandwidth Industrial Ethernet networking infrastructure for factories, buildings, transportation, oil & gas and energy applications.

Our products are robust & rugged solutions that enable end-users to deploy the latest 3rd party industrial Ethernet networks of their choice.

PCN products utilize IEEE standards based solutions to expand the infrastructure, architectures & topologies already in place; enabling high-speed, long distance multi-drop industrial IP networks.

Accelerating the Industrial Internet

PCN designs & develops leading technology innovations enabling & accelerating Industrial Internet connectivity.

We transform and expand legacy automation and control copper infrastructure into high-bandwidth future proof Industrial Ethernet systems.