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UltraEdge™ VoIP System

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VoIP on Any Grade Legacy Copper!

PCN introduces VoIP integration using the most advanced and reliable Ethernet over Copper technology available.

The UltraEdge™ VoIP System consists of two of PCN’s leading products. The first is a 19” Rack Mount Multi-Channel Server (PCN3485-MCS4) that supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switching for 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. The Server has 4 channels where each channel supports up to 5 10/100 Base-T module (PCN3485-SCC1). Each module has 3 RJ45 Ethernet Ports for IP devices.

The combination results in a best in class VoIP networking solution across the enterprise that is significantly easy to install and lower in costs compared to running CAT 5/6 wiring, and is more reliable than competitive DSL based Ethernet extender solutions.

The UltraEdge™ System is enabled by PCN’s patented IP-485® technology which in real time dynamically adapts data transport on any type of conductive medium. This maximizes the effectiveness of the delivery of VoIP services on any voice grade infrastructure. IP data can be delivered up to 1,500 feet of wiring.

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The UltraEdge™ System works together with standard 802.3 Ethernet networks enabling legacy copper LAN transformations and instant upgrade for rapid VoIP and Unified Communication integration. This is achieved on any type of legacy copper and all the way to any edge!

Through its patented technology and innovative designs the UltraEdge™ system allows for absolute flexibility in using standard 10/100 Base-T 802.3 Ethernet switching technologies to enable 10/100 Base-T legacy copper IP data networking.

Each Multi-Channel Server can support up to 60 VOIP Phones using any grade copper (twisted or untwisted). Under most conditions, customers can even maintain digital or analog phones while using their new VoIP system.

Product Specifications and Support
19” Multi-Channel 10/100 IP Server
(1) RJ45 Input from 10/100 Module
(4) Channel Twisted Pair Supports (20) UltraEdge™ Modules

UltraEdge™ 10/100 IP Module
(1) Twisted Pair Input
(3) RJ45 Output

120/240VAC 50/60Hz

Agency Approvals
UL Listed C and US
I.T.E E342284
UL 60950-1, 2nd Edition
FCC Part 15

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